37 - 2

Patriots - Trojans

28.7.2018 – Tampere klo 16.30

36 - 32

Trojans - Royal A's

21.7.2018 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 13.00

14 - 40

Trojans - Nordmen

14.7.2018 – Turku yläkenttä, klo 17.00

30 - 0

Mayhem - Trojans

30.6.2018 – Rusko, klo 11.00

28 - 0

Falcons - Trojans

16.6.2018 – Hyvinkää, Kankuri, klo 16.00

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Trojans’ News

Aug 3, 2009

Wolverines at Trojans

The Trojans’ streak of ill fortune continued in a home game against the Helsinki Wolverines. It should have been possible to beat the Wolverines in despite of the recent hardships the Trojans have faced, but it appears the Helsinki team arrived at the venue better prepared.

The Trojans missed their first opportunity as Wolverine Arno Sjoblom caught an interception around midfield. On a following 3rd and 25 situation the Wolverines played a surprising draw and Jason Harrison took a 41-yard dash right through the middle of the Trojan line for a touchdown. Antti Leino’s PAT was good and the visitors took a 0-7 lead. The Trojans could not hold on to the ball too long and soon enough Jason Harrison broke through a number of tackles and forced the ball in for his second TD. The 2-point pass attempt was incomplete; 0-13.

The visitors pulled quite a trick out of their bag. First Kalle da Silva recovered a successful squib kick, allowing his team to continue with the possession of the ball. The Wolverines would have scored right away if it wasn’t for Trojan LB Miko Ylikoski’s critical tackle. As the Wolverines had made their way 28 yards from the home team’s end zone, they played an amazing passing play. QB Cameron Coffey tossed the ball to RB Jason Harrison, made his way towards the end zone and received Harrison’s forward pass and scored a touchdown! The PAT was good and the first quarter ended with the Wolverines 20 points in the lead.

The second play only 12 seconds into the 2nd quarter brought the Trojans their much-needed TD. Successful passing play had brought them 7 or 8 yards from the goal line; QB Billy Hart's play fake pass reached Martti Valimaa in the end zone. Miko Ylikoski kicked a good point-after and the home team was back in the game. 7-20. The Wolverines gained some mean yardage after the kickoff, combining rushing, long passes, and keep plays. The Trojans had a chance to stop them after a penalty on 3rd and long, but, incredibly, accepted the penalty and gave the Wolverines two more goes at it. And they did go too; WR Kristen Kougia caught a 17-yard TD pass which added up to 7-27 together with a successful point after touchdown.

The Wolverines nearly scored again as the Trojans got their punt blocked, recovered, and brought to inches from the goal line by the defense. The Trojan defense worked miracles and pushed the opposition back. The possession of the ball changed twice due to interceptions (Trojan DL Jussi Jalonen and Wolverine DB Fredrik Kaksonen) before the Wolverines settled the matter to their own advantage. WR Hannu Abonce caught a twenty yarder but they couldn’t deliver a conversion because DB Iisakki Ullakonoja was alert and tackled the ball carrier. Halftime score 7-33.

The 3rd quarter was uneventful until the very last seconds. The Wolverines’ Jason Harrison scored his team one more when the clock had already run out. He brought in a two-point conversion too and the Trojans had one quarter to beat a sorry 7-41 situation. The Trojans did score once more but only when there were less than 4 minutes left in the game. Billy Hart threw an 11-yarder to Seikko Vennela. The final score 13-41 as neither team could score in the remaining time.

Jimm’s PC Store awarded Jason Harrison for the Wolverines and Martti Valimaa for the Trojans as the Most Valuable Players. A local restaurant specializing in hot wings called Siipiravintola also awarded Martti Valimaa as the Fieriest Player in the Game.

Game stats


P.S. The Trojans would like to thank the Wolverines’ talented cheer dance crew who delighted our fans with their halftime show!

P.S.S. To the great amusement of the local football fans, the Wolverines’ team nickname was, possibly for the first time ever, pronounced correctly by the Trojan announcers. There is a long history of calling them Wolve-rhines, rhyming with ‘pines’. To even greater confusion, the Trojan cheerleaders pronounced their own team’s name the correct American way instead of the traditional Troy-ahns. It was a historic game, in a sense.

Story: Jussi Hakokari

Aug 2, 2009

Trojans Butchered 90-0 (55-0) at Away Game

The Trojans suffered a historic defeat at the hands of the Porvoo Butchers; the team has never been beaten that bad during its 27-year history. A part of the blame goes to unusually adverse conditions though. The Trojans played their third game within a week due to a rescheduling of the Jaguars game and against no less than the number one team in the league. There should be no excuse for the league for making any team, let alone a battered and injury-ridden one, play with only a few days to recover.

There was virtually only one team on the field. During the first three quarters the Butchers scored on every single drive. They scored twice on the very first play of the drive and once on the second play. The Trojans advanced the ball only 15 yards rushing and 106 passing. The Butchers accumulated an astronomical figure of 644 yards altogether.

The other two games were defeats as well. The Trojans lost the Jaguars game 12-28 and the Rajaritarit game 7-23. They no longer have a fighting chance to appear in the playoffs, but in case they refuse to give up they can avoid ending up at the bottom of the league ladder.

Jul 11, 2009

Trojans at Crocodiles

The Seinajoki Crocodiles beat the Trojans fair and square and dominated the game in every aspect. The Trojan offense could not finish their drives and lost most of their opportunities while the home team made steady progress. A 35-6 (21-0) defeat is certainly a challenge and an incentive for the team and the coaching staff to rethink strategy.

Crocodile Charles McCrea has no consideration for Juha Yli-arvela's feelings as he blocks the pass.

The Trojans didn't have too low expectations when going to Seinajoki but things worked to their disadvantage right away from the beginning. Charles McCrea took the ball into our end zone and the Crocodiles scored on their opening drive. The Trojans let the Crocs recover a fumble only moments later and another one was chalked up for the Green Machine without delay. 14-0. It was a disappointing start for a game and the Trojans could not step up and change the course. The halftime score was 21-0.

Batman to the rescue! (starring Seikko Vennela)

The Trojans scored only in the beginning of the 4th quarter. Quarterback Billy Hart reached wide receiver Ville Vene in the end zone with a successful pass. The Trojans went for a two-pointer but could not cross the line. At this point the Crocs were in a 28-6 lead but the home team's Tuukka Pernu scored once more for a crushing 35-6 final score.

Ville Vene and Marques Dailey reach out for a divine intervention.

Janne Stenberg summarized that team could have used a little success early in the game to fuel their confidence but everything went awry. The Trojan head coach Jarmo Rautiainen admits that the Crocodiles played better in all respects. He is disappointed that the team hasn't practiced hard enough and that there have been absences. "Football is one of those complicated sports that you just can't learn without practicing", Rautiainen booms. You can't really disagree with the head coach, but the Trojans just may have a few aces up their sleeves. First of all, many of the recent shortcomings have been identified and our newest addition, Marques Dailey of the Hawaiian Warriors, will soon be integrated into our system.

Janne Stenberg at his best. Eyes sternly fixed on a victory, the ball safely tucked away and the opponents around him prone and in great disorder.

Game stats
More photos

Story and photography: Kari Toivonen
English summary: Jussi Hakokari

Jul 11, 2009

Trojans at Roosters

The Turku Trojans were unable to adapt to quarterback Robert Johnson's passing game and had to come home beaten 9-34 (2-27).

Robert Johnson had all the time in the world to scan the field for receivers.

The Helsinki Roosters set the pace right on from the beginning of the game. They took a 0-13 lead during the first quarter with touchdown passes to Julius Majander and Henri Myohanen. Trojan LB Sami Toivonen managed to block the first one of the two point after touchdown attempts, but place kicker Kari Hytonen made it the second time. Meanwhile the Trojans were having hard time making anything work to their advantage. They made the ten yards only three times during the first quarter and as much as 42 of the 56 gained yards were the result of QB Billy Hart's keep plays.

Henri Myohanen has a package wrapped in pig skin to deliver.

The second quarter didn't begin any better; the Roosters' Mikko Makelainen scored one more TD (0-20) before the Trojans could make a scoring effort. A great punt by Ilkka Marja-aho forced the Roosters all the way back to their own 11. Trojan defenseman Janne Salonen grabbed QB Robert Johnson like a ragdoll and pinned him down in his own end zone for a safety. 2-20. The Trojans played 12 downs after the ensuing free kick but were not able to go all the way; the Roosters found themselves with the ball once again and wasted no time in bringing it in for a touchdown. Henri Myohanen scored his second TD in the game for a 2-27 halftime score.

Should I stay or should I go? Gerard Hamlett has no time for such questions cause he's on the go.

There was some improvement in the Trojans' performance in the 3rd quarter. RB Gerard Hamlett made a 57-yard rushing play followed by a successful PAT by Ilkka Marja-aho (9-27). This wasn't nearly enough though as the Roosters were careful not let anything like that happen again. They scored one more TD (Olli Makkonen) in 4th quarter and let the clock run down as much as possible. The final score was 9-34.

"Hey, this thing won't come off!"

The Rooster QB Robert Johnson completed 21 out of 38 pass attempts and gained 371 yards; almost 18 yards on the average successful passing play. Their 16 rushing plays brought them only 47 yards. The Trojans advanced a total of 288 in spite of scoring only 9 points. Billy Hart made 15 of his 36 pass attempts and brought home 127 yards (six of them received by Janne Stenberg). He also rushed a total of 71 yards. Gerard Hamlett rushed for 83 yards and received passes for another 29. The first three in tackles were Seikko Vennela (4+3 assisted), Miko Ylikoski (2+2) and Ilkka Koiranen (1+5).

Billy Hart has the good sense to try and stay out of this Rooster's way.

Rooster Mikko Makelainen (#25) does his best to hurdle his opponents only to end up in Iisakki Ullakonoja's (#28) embrace.

Story and photography: Kari Toivonen
English summary: Jussi Hakokari

Jun 18, 2009

Trojans beat the Saints, but were defeated by the Roosters

The Turku Trojans started it's season with a 6-0 win over the Tampere Saints but lost it's second game to the Helsinki Roosters 34-9. The next game is against the Seinäjoki Crocodiles on the 3rd of July.

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