Get Them Numbers Straight

Finland uses the metric system for measuring almost everything, but you’ll get used to it. Many Finns, especially those involved with American sports, are familiar with basic English measures so you do not have to worry about talking miles and inches.

The weather in Southern Finland in the summertime is mostly sunny and mild. The temperature is usually around 70° in the daytime and 50-60° at the coldest at night. Temperatures above 85° are very rare, and it is seldom uncomfortably humid.

The currency in Finland is Euro (1 euro equals roughly 1.39 USD).

Electric appliances run on 220 voltage. Inexpensive adapters can be bought at airports and certain electric appliance stores around the city.

Remember, Finns are generally helpful towards foreigners and you don’t need to hesitate asking for assistance. Besides, you will have an entire football team there to show you around and to help you with anything you need assistance with.

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