Like the majority of Finnish sports clubs, the Trojans is legally not a business but a registered association. It may not and can not make profit for shareholders. Associations are subject to specific laws and they conform to certain democratic principles. The current government includes (first name last name):

  1. Pasi Sillgren          (team president)

  2. Kalle Lahti          (team vice president)

Other officials include:

  1. Kari Toivonen         (press officer)

  2. Kalle Lahti              (marketing)

  3. Jenni Jormanainen  (contact person for the Lady Trojans)

  4. Anna Ravantti         (cheerleader coach)

In addition to those, the club has a number of support staff for maintenance, youth programs, concessions, cheerleading, and general assistance in all matters Trojan. The great majority of the work is done on a volunteer basis; the profits are used to cover expenses, to develop the team, and to promote the sport of football. The team is subject to a national governing body called the American Football Association of Finland (abbreviated SAJL due to its Finnish-language name).

Pasi Sillgren

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