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Crocodiles - Trojans

3.7.2017 – Seinäjoki, OmaSP klo 18.30

35 - 21

Saints - Trojans

15.6.2017 – Tampere, Pyynikki klo 18.30

28 - 0

Huskies - Trojans

5.6.2017 – Hämeenlinna, Kauriala klo 18.30

0 - 38

Trojans - Butchers

25.5.2017 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 18.30

2 - 31

Trojans - Royals

15.5.2017 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 18.30

Trojans Got New Players, Butchers Signed Penkki

20.02.2005 klo 01:14

Turku Trojans got three new players, LB Eemeli Sainio, FB/LB Ari Mikkola and RB/TE Manos Papandreu. All three players came from the Lieto Oakmen. The Trojans had a training camp on January 30th and many more new interesting players practised with the team but it is still too early to announce any names.

Porvoo Butchers became one of the favorites to win Maple Bowl XXVI as they managed to persuade Petrus Penkki, the most succesful Finnish quarterback of all times, to play next season with the Butchers. Porvoo got also two of their former players back. WR Pekka Piminäinen played last season with the Trojans and DL Pertti Lautala won the championship with the Roosters.