31 - 7

Välierä: Roosters - Trojans

28.8.2016 – Helsinki, Brahe klo 15.30

31 - 26

Crocodiles - Trojans

19.8.2016 – Seinäjoki klo 18.30

22 - 37

Butchers – Trojans

13.8.2016 – Porvoo, keskuskenttä klo 15.00

28 - 25

Royals - Trojans

31.7.2016 – Vaasa, Kaarlen kenttä klo 14.00

39 - 0

Trojans - Saints

24.7.2016 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 16.00

Temperature is rising

09.04.2005 klo 20:43

The season 2005 is getting closer as the temperature in Finland is rising. Exciting things have happened this spring and it seems like both the Roosters and the Trojans are going through radical changes as many of the older players have either retired or changed team. The challengers of the recent years, the Butchers and the Crocodiles, have been active in offseason and have both become real contenders for the championship. Although especially the Butchers look very strong, a lot depends on how other teams succeed with their American players. It is not unusual that great foreign players can help the underdogs to win games and beforehand statistically promising players turn out to be 6 inches shorter and lack the winning attitude. So the champion has not yet declared. Let´s play the games first.