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Crocodiles - Trojans

3.7.2017 – Seinäjoki, OmaSP klo 18.30

35 - 21

Saints - Trojans

15.6.2017 – Tampere, Pyynikki klo 18.30

28 - 0

Huskies - Trojans

5.6.2017 – Hämeenlinna, Kauriala klo 18.30

0 - 38

Trojans - Butchers

25.5.2017 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 18.30

2 - 31

Trojans - Royals

15.5.2017 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 18.30

New Coaching Team for the Trojans

22.01.2006 klo 00:48

Kim Grönlund is the new head coach of the Turku Trojans. Other members of the coaching team are Janne Salonen (linebackers), Mikko Virolainen (defensive backs), Sami Sillgren (defensive line) and Antti Palmroos (offensive coordinator). Former head coach Tomi Haula will continue in the Trojans organization as a coaching coordinator.

The training for the next season has started and the rumours tell that players are excited and in very positive attitude. A bunch of new players have joined the team along with some older guys who have decided to come back after a short retirement. More new players are expected to join the Trojans during the spring and also the search for American reinforcements is going on.