7 - 14

Royals - Trojans

19.8.2017 – Vaasa, Kaarlen kenttä 15.30

19 - 6

Trojans - Crocodiles

12.8.2017 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 15.30

35 - 20

Roosters - Trojans

7.8.2017 – Helsinki, Velodromi klo 18.30

31 - 7

Trojans - Saints

29.7.2017 – Raisio, Kerttula klo 15.30

14 - 32

Trojans - Huskies

17.7.2017 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 18.30

Season opener: Porvoo Butchers at Turku Trojans

01.06.2007 klo 13:08

The Turku Trojans will open the season at home playing against the reigning champion the Porvoo Butchers. The Butchers have alrady started their season by playing two European Football League games and two Maple League games of which they have a record of three wins and one loss. For the Trojans the game is first in this season.

The Butchers lost their star QB Petrus Penkki who went back to his former team Helsinki Roosters to coach it and to play as a QB. Porvoo hired Justin McKenzie to replace Penkki and he has done a good job so far.

The Trojans has usually succeeded to sign excellent foreign players and it looks like this year does not make an exception. QB Ryan Mitch has powerful and accurate arm and he is built for the type of offense the Trojans plays. Johnell Wyatte is the most versatile player and can be used as well as a WR, DB or LB.

The kick off is scheluded on 4.6. at 6.30 pm and the game will be played in the upper field of the Paavo Nurmi Stadium.