37 - 2

Patriots - Trojans

28.7.2018 – Tampere klo 16.30

36 - 32

Trojans - Royal A's

21.7.2018 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 13.00

14 - 40

Trojans - Nordmen

14.7.2018 – Turku yläkenttä, klo 17.00

30 - 0

Mayhem - Trojans

30.6.2018 – Rusko, klo 11.00

28 - 0

Falcons - Trojans

16.6.2018 – Hyvinkää, Kankuri, klo 16.00

Next Game Against the Jaguars

16.06.2007 klo 00:18

The Trojans (2-0) will travel this saturday to the city of Jyväskylä to meet the Jaguars (1-1). The Jaguars have started their season with a tight game against the Helsinki Roosters and an easier one against the Rauma Sea City Storm. The Jaguars coach Thomas Smythe has done a good job with the team as has their QB Ryan Rufener who was named the Player of the Week. The defensive Player of the Week was Seikko Vennelä from the Trojans.

The Trojans are in the top of the league together with the Roosters and the Butchers who are playing against each other this weekend. The Crocodiles will travel to Helsinki to meet the Wolverines and Rajaritarit will host the Sea City Storm.

Johnell's Trojans rap storms across Finland

Johnell Wyatte a.k.a. Anomos recorded a rap style Trojans fight song which has been a huge success. When released it was downloaded nearly 1 000 times in one day. Needless to say that it plays constantly in the Trojans' locker room...