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Crocodiles - Trojans

3.7.2017 – Seinäjoki, OmaSP klo 18.30

35 - 21

Saints - Trojans

15.6.2017 – Tampere, Pyynikki klo 18.30

28 - 0

Huskies - Trojans

5.6.2017 – Hämeenlinna, Kauriala klo 18.30

0 - 38

Trojans - Butchers

25.5.2017 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 18.30

2 - 31

Trojans - Royals

15.5.2017 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 18.30

Trojans lost, Malaki Lesa injured

13.08.2007 klo 14:39

The Trojans fought valiantly but the Roosters took the victory 32-23 (21-9) in Helsinki last Sunday. It seemed like the Roosters had it in the bag already after the first half but the Trojans came back and made it a close one. After Martin Xavier Anrdé scored in the fourth quarter a TD it was a one goal game as the score was 29-23. The Trojans managed to stop the Roosters offense in the 25 yard line but the field goal by Kalle Karppinen widened the gap to 9 points. There was still over 3 minutes in the clock but the Trojans needed at leas a TD and a field goal. The race against time ended when the Roosters defense intercepted Mitch's pass in the end zone.

The defeat is a bad thing but even worse is that Malaki Lesa injured his knee and he is out for the rest of the season. The Trojans has already c. 15 players injured which makes it very difficult to battle for the last playoff berth.