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28.7.2018 – Tampere klo 16.30

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Roosters at Trojans

29.07.2008 klo 19:53

The Trojans won a much-needed victory over the Helsinki Roosters in a saturday morning home game. The Trojans could keep the Roosters' offense in check while scoring one touchdown after another. A record crowd witnessed the home team put 50-14 (35-14) to the scoreboard.

The crowd at the Upper Field basks in the heat and sunshine, enjoying a good game of football.

In despite of the somewhat unusual kickoff time, 11 am, way more than 800 spectators had arrived at the Upper Field for a game hosted by our generous sponsors, Laakeriteam Ltd. and Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. The game presented the viewers great individual feats, a good number of touchdowns and, first and foremost, a victory for the home team.

The game began with a Rooster drive that could effectively penetrate into Trojan territory. Sami Toivonen was able to sack the quarterback and eventually the visitors were forced to go for a field goal. Kari Hytonen's attempt was blocked by the alert defenders, giving the Trojans the opportunity to take the lead. QB Jayson Davis did not feel like waiting too long but played an impressive keep all across the field for a 6-0 TD. The PAT was blocked by the Roosters.

Ilya Redin asks for the ball all nice and polite, but is once again forced to get physical.

The Roosters were not able to get back at us the following drive. Instead, Trojan strongmen Martti Valimaa and Ilkka Koiranen gave the Rooster QB Robert Johnson a grassroot level tour of the artificial turf. Their punt was returned by Johnell Wyatte for 92 yards, all the way to the end zone. Teemu Pietiainen took the ball in for a 2-point conversion. 14-0.

The 2nd Quarter brought about another dangerous situation. The Roosters advanced deep into the red zone, only a few yards from scoring. On the decisive 4th down Ville Jarvio was able to collect the ball midair and turn the table. Jayson Davis orchestrated a third scoring drive that ended in Trojan TE Juha Yli-Arvela catching a pass and making his way past the goal line.That was Yli-Arvela's first TD in the Maple League; congratulations Juha! Janne Stenberg's kick was good and the fans were more than happy to see 21-0 on the scoreboard.

A rooster gets a pretty good idea what size shoes Johnell Wyatte wears for scoring TDs.

The Roosters would not give up but put up a good fight. In despite of fumbling the ball during kickoff return, the visitor kept on pushing until they could score with a short pass from QB Robert Johnson to WR Tommi Kansala. Kari Hytonen's kick went right through the uprights. 21-7.

A Trojan high priest calling for Ares to strike down the enemy? Or Ville Jarvio executing a critical interception? Hard to tell really.

Soon things would not look so much up anymore. Johnell Wyatte fumbled the ball around his own 25 and let the Roosters' DB Sampo Ranta recover it and secure a very good field position to play tricks from. Johnson passed a ten yarder to WR Sonte Wong, providing employment for the scoreboard operator. The kick was good and the Roosters were only one successful drive short of catching up. 21-14.

What we saw was a perfect demonstration of the nature of football. Situations may change abruptly; a crushing 21-point lead can dwindle in just a few moments. As the fans were reaching for their heart medication, Johnell Wyatte found a way to ease their pain a good deal. He left several confused Roosters debating where did he go all of a sudden. They soon found out he just went out for a quick 71-yard TD run, but had promised to be back in no time. The visitors blocked the PAT attempt; 27-14.

Iisakki Ullakonoja administers a Rooster wide receiver the anti-gravity push.

The Roosters could no longer muster an offense good enough to score. The Trojan defense would keep them on a very short leash. Janne "Cantor" Salonen's sack and Seikko Vennela's spectacular tackle are good examples of the kind of tools that will lock the opposition down. The latter would be awarded as the hardest hit in the game. Ville Jarvio was able to recover a fumble and take it to the opponent's 11-yard line. Right after that QB Jayson Davis was able to fool the opponent and a good portion of the spectators into thinking that the ball was somewhere else entirely. The smokescreen allowed him to sneak the ball in for a TD. Johnell Wyatte made a 2-point reparation of the missed PAT. Halftime score 35-14.

A typical situation for Johnell Wyatte. No one ahead of him and many behind him.

Four minutes into the 3rd Quarter Johnell Wyatte performed what we could call a hat trick. He ran 70 yards across the field and scored his third long-range TD in the game. Instead of letting Stenberg kick, holder Ville Vene got up with the ball and made a house call to the redcoats' end of the field. Eight more points for the Trojans; 43-14.

A friendly hug of consolation is in order for the depressed Rooster offense that cannot advance.

Danny Andersson, a promising young QB, replaced Jayson Davis after he suffered a cramp in his leg. Danny would steer the ship with no problem at all and the team would set sail for one more touchdown. RB Teemu Pietiainen scored 4 yards from the goal line and Janne Stenberg kicked a PAT for a nice and even final score, 50-14 .

Andy from Flying Choppers Custom Motorcycle Shop showed us some of the beauties he built.

The most valuable players were LB Kalle Karppinen (Roosters) and Johnell Wyatte. Our sponsor Laakeriteam handed the awards. Milwaukee Tools handed Seikko Vennela a special trophy for the hardest hit in the game; a shock-proof music player! The 5-man team of officials led by referee Perttu Hautala deserves a hand for keeping the play clean in despite of the hot weather and occasionally hot-headed players.

Teemu Pietiainen realizes that the hill is too steep to climb. He goes around instead.

Story and photography: Kari Toivonen
English adaptation: Jussi Hakokari

For more pictures of the game, please see page seven of the picture gallery.