31 - 7

Välierä: Roosters - Trojans

28.8.2016 – Helsinki, Brahe klo 15.30

31 - 26

Crocodiles - Trojans

19.8.2016 – Seinäjoki klo 18.30

22 - 37

Butchers – Trojans

13.8.2016 – Porvoo, keskuskenttä klo 15.00

28 - 25

Royals - Trojans

31.7.2016 – Vaasa, Kaarlen kenttä klo 14.00

39 - 0

Trojans - Saints

24.7.2016 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 16.00

Johnell and Malaki Put up a Show

12.08.2008 klo 16:28

Our American fellow Trojans Johnell Wyatte and Malaki Lesa performed a rap show at Mylly ('the mill'), a local shopping mall. Everybody already knows Johnell as Anomos, a performing rap artist, but Malaki Lesa was on stage for the first time in Finland.

Johnell ja Malaki
Johnell and Malaki

The boys had just got back from the city of Tampere from a packed night club gig with the Trojan quarterback Jayson Davis. The trio will not stop; they are performing in Turku the 22nd of August in a show called "Sauna Caliente". The event takes place at club Abo Diskotek and everybody is urged to join in and shake it!

Johnell junnutYounger Trojan teammates were performing with Johnell and handing out free tickets to the Jaguars game.

Johnell has recorded two Trojan songs in Finland and another rap called 1, 2, 3, On. You can download all three from here.