7 - 14

Royals - Trojans

19.8.2017 – Vaasa, Kaarlen kenttä 15.30

19 - 6

Trojans - Crocodiles

12.8.2017 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 15.30

35 - 20

Roosters - Trojans

7.8.2017 – Helsinki, Velodromi klo 18.30

31 - 7

Trojans - Saints

29.7.2017 – Raisio, Kerttula klo 15.30

14 - 32

Trojans - Huskies

17.7.2017 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 18.30

Trojans at Butchers

29.08.2008 klo 14:43

The Trojans could keep up with Porvoo Butchers, a team with three consecutive championships, until the 3rd quarter in an away game; there was no holding them after the halftime. The Butchers' 63-29 (27-16) victory has ruined the Trojans' hopes of making the playoffs.

The Trojans were awarded a safety early in the game, but the Butchers compensated for their mistake soon as Matti Lahti scored a touchdown and Sami Sinkkonen a point after. Malaki Lesa’s TD gave us the lead position (8-7) once again until Butcher Ville Kurvinen returned the merit to the home team (8-13).

Ville Kurvinen scored another one in the second quarter (8-19), but QB Jayson Davis inspired hope by bringing us a full 8 points. 16-19. The home team’s Larry Atkinson scored his first Maple League TD. Taber Lamarr executed a 2-point conversion, making the halftime score 16-27.

After the halftime Johnell Wyatte scored, but as the PAT attempt was unsuccessful the the Trojans were still lagging by five points (22-27). Unfortunately the Butchers were not too devastated; Josh Brisco’s TD and a successful two pointer left the Trojans trailing by 13 points (22-35).

Malaki Lesa scored one more time and Janne Stenberg’s kick was awarded an extra point (29-35). This, however, was the last time that night the Trojans would score and the rest of the game was dominated by the home team. Ville Kurvinen scored two more TDs (four altogether), Taber Lamarr and Josh Brisco one more each. The final score was 63-29.

Story: Kari Toivonen
English summary: Jussi Hakokari