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Crocodiles - Trojans

3.7.2017 – Seinäjoki, OmaSP klo 18.30

35 - 21

Saints - Trojans

15.6.2017 – Tampere, Pyynikki klo 18.30

28 - 0

Huskies - Trojans

5.6.2017 – Hämeenlinna, Kauriala klo 18.30

0 - 38

Trojans - Butchers

25.5.2017 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 18.30

2 - 31

Trojans - Royals

15.5.2017 – Turku, yläkenttä klo 18.30

Flag Football Day

29.08.2008 klo 15:18

The Trojan organization’s flag football tournament at Impivaara Field was a world of fun all the way. Organization members of various roles and jobs came together and formed four flag teams. One could catch pretty much anybody on the field; American guest players, a cameraman, Lady Trojans, retired veterans and a cheerleading coach. Jayson and Malaki were kind enough to officiate the games.

The winning team together with the officials.

The victorious team included Ville-Valtteri Suojanen, Ilja Redin, Piritta Vaattovaara, Arto Ahtola, Carita Blom, and Jenni Heinonen. No Most Valuable Player was elected, but Ilya ”Russian Rocket” Redin would be a good candidate. There was no stopping him once he got the hold of the ball.

The tournament was definitely a success and it inspired an elevated sense of togetherness. The flag football day will most likely become an annual tradition. The organization is looking forward to attract even more teams next year.

Pictures from the event