7 - 14

Royals - Trojans

19.8.2017 – Vaasa, Kaarlen kenttš 15.30

19 - 6

Trojans - Crocodiles

12.8.2017 – Turku, ylškenttš klo 15.30

35 - 20

Roosters - Trojans

7.8.2017 – Helsinki, Velodromi klo 18.30

31 - 7

Trojans - Saints

29.7.2017 – Raisio, Kerttula klo 15.30

14 - 32

Trojans - Huskies

17.7.2017 – Turku, ylškenttš klo 18.30

Kim Braved the New World

04.05.2009 klo 14:39

Our manager Kim Gronlund took a trip to the States and Canada last winter to meet former Trojans and to recruit new ones. The photos were originally posted in the Finnish-language section the 23rd of January 2009, but they are timeless just like everything Trojan.

Dan Mott, a Trojan from the 2006 season, hosted Kim in Toronto.

Kim with our last seasonís quarterback Jayson Davis and LB/S Broderic Simpson from the Oklahoma Sooners.

Winter wear Florida style.

The Trojans is not in the business of having lightweight managers, but look at these two gentlemen!

Some of the former students from Jaysonís high school have gone pro. The school has their jerseys on display.

Jayson is coaching a basketball team in his former school, Tottenville High School.

Managiní ainít easy but itís necessary. Kim always has his hands full.